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Honeyfund Partnership Announcement!

The Honeymoon Hackers are excited to announce our partnership with Honeyfund!

We’ve had such a passion helping our customers save money on their honeymoon by maximizing reward points, but we really wanted to make our services a one-stop shop. By partnering with Honeyfund, we are now able to offer a honeymoon registry that will allow our honeymooners to register for the remaining cost of their honeymoon; this includes upgrades, activities and dinners to make your once in a lifetime trip even more luxurious and cost-effective!

Some things to know about Honeyfund:

  • Honeyfund is the most trusted honeymoon registry and the #1 Honeymoon and Universal registry app.

  • Won a deal with Kevin O’Leary (“Mr. Wonderful”) on ABC’s Shark Tank.

  • Zero-free payment options and no-fees for guests

  • Customizable registry trip tools

We’re excited to continue to offer our free services and consultations. We are even more thrilled to offer Honeyfund to make your honeymoon even more special!

Start your free honeymoon fund at Honeyfund,com, the most trusted honeymoon registry.

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