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Why Credit Card Hunt for your Honeymoon?

The wedding process is fast-paced with a lot of moving parts. What I’ve found is that many couple don’t maximize their reward points because they focus on planning their honeymoon towards the end of their wedding planning. Here’s why I believe this is the wrong approach and it should be one of the first things you should do:

Right after your engagement, I highly recommend going on a credit card hunt to maximize your reward points. It’s a prime time to find a new card for a couple reasons:

· The average age of an engagement is 28 years old.

· The average person has 2 cards at 28

· The average wedding will cost around $18,000 with several deposits.

When you think about maximizing a credit the above are all the factors you should consider. You want to continue to build your credit, you can afford another card and you’re going to have several big purchases with your wedding coming up.

Typically most credit card will reward you with a sign up bonus. The American Express Gold card is currently offering a $3,000-minimum spend for 60k points. Another top card the Hilton Aspire is offering 150,000 points for a $4,000 minimum spend. Here are some of the easy wedding purchases that’ll easily go towards the respect minimum card spend.

· Venue deposit

· Flower deposit

· Photographer deposit

· Wedding dress

· Stationary

· Favors

Using these big purchases early on in your wedding process will help ease the financial burden of your honeymoon. You are already spending the money on the above purchases, why not reward yourself and use it for a free night on your honeymoon.

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