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What NOT to do when planning your Honeymoon

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

When it comes to the great vacation that lies ahead of you after this big momentous event, there are still a handful of things that can turn your honeymoon into an after wedding chore. We picked the eight top things you DON’T want to do when planning your wedding.

1. Don’t let the best bargain turn into a cheap experience

It’s important to keep a budget so you have a nice nest egg to start your life together. That said, you don’t want to start your life together with a two star experience. Find what makes the most sense to you and your partner and stay away from any bargain sites.

2. Don’t buy it because of a picture

Ever see one of those McDonald’s ads and then get the burger just to find a squished piece of bread, meat and cheese? Resorts get similar photographers. Read reviews and scour the site before falling in love with your honeymoon.

3. Don’t leave the day after the wedding

You’re going to want to leave at least a day after so you can leave on your honeymoon rested and enjoy the afterglow of your wedding!

4. Don’t do nothing

“I’m not leaving my bedroom my entire honeymoon heh heh heh…” We get it. You’re married now. That said after the fifth go round, you’re going to want to catch some rays, go on a hike, or even go on a food tour. Have some plans so you can make some memories!

5. Don’t forget to tell them it’s your honeymoon

You’d be surprised how far out of the way some resorts will go to celebrate your big wedding with you. When booking, make sure to include the fact that it’s your honeymoon!

6. Don’t wait til the last minute to plan itineraries

There is a LOT you can do on your honeymoon. But if you wait until the last minute, then the lazy river is all you’re going to be doing. You can only go around so many times before your feet turn into prunes.

7. Don’t forget your medicine

This is a giveaway, but don’t forget it! There’s nothing worse than starting your honeymoon calling your doctor to send an emergency supply of Medicine XYZ.

8. Don’t plan it your self

With all of the different hotels, credit cards, planes, itineraries, latest deals, hidden spots, and insider secrets, most couples leave a lot on the table of things they can be doing when planning a wedding. This is one vacation you are going to want to outsource to the pros.

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